Monday, September 27, 2010

Change Has Come

My apologies for the long silence. It has been a very busy year for everyone. When this blog was started more than a year ago, it was to begin a discussion about disappearing borders in human experience and the related issues in healthcare and technology. A lot of people joined that discussion, and they expressed an interest and a desire for something to serve the rapidly growing needs of businesses and  providers in the cross-border healthcare space. And so we became very busy creating IHITA, the International Health IT Association. Our attention was on those matters of concern to our immediate members in the US and Canada—as expressed in the blog USCanadaHealthTech. And then IHITA, like the world, got busy. We began to see that the issues we were looking at were only examples of much larger, global issues. Cross-border licensing of nurses is unique to neither the US-Canadian relationship nor the profession of nursing. Medical records are transmitted across every border, not just the 49th parallel. Almost immediately, we re-examined our scope, our mission and even the name. Happily, we are back —bigger, and eager.

USCanadaHealthTech is now GlobalHealthITblog. Because Health IT, just like the healthcare industry, is global and no longer bound to contiguous economies. This blog is now part of, and as such is dedicated to driving and enabling the global conversation about technology, healthcare and how the two can combine to serve people and businesses on all sides of all borders.

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